Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I'm still here ... honest

Why so quiet, you ask? I've been busy of late writing a novel. For those of you who haven't heard, and I can't imagine who hasn't ~ I'm participating for the first time in the National Novel Writing Month aka nanowrimo.
nanowrimo is an insane idea brewed up by Chris Baty and some buddies in '99 in the San Franisco Bay area. Twenty-one people participated that year. This year, people from all over the world are writing and have accumulated over 473,201,894 words altogether so far!
Our family of four decided that we would embark upon the adventure. Three out of four of us have started the daunting task of writing this crazy amount of words in such a short time period. Leading up to the kick off, I also talked three other friends to join nanowrimo. Two of them are still plugging away at it, while the other, sadly, had to quit because of a family medical emergency.
I'm pleased to announce that on Day 14, I have written 25,325 words so far. Amazing, eh? The genre of my masterpiece seems to change weekly, but I'm having a blast with this project, even giving a few of my friends and family a mention or a cameo in my book.
So wish us luck, send us treats and casseroles. The month in not nearly finished and I need 24,675 words more to be "a winner."