Sunday, February 26, 2012

Does Snowstorm = Creativity?

Yesterday it snowed really, for the first time this winter. We've only had a few snow falls with a skiff of snow here and there. But finally, in February, we were finally hit with some real substantial snow.

What did this mean to me? Suddenly, I felt like creating again. It was as if there is a correlation between cold, wintry weather and my creative drive. Weird, I know. But I did complete two projects yesterday that have been hanging around for ages, including a Gnome painting. Could this mean that I may start back working on my chairs again? That would be awesome!

I'm not one of those people who can just pump stuff out for the sake of pumping it out and all too often, "life" gets in the way of art. While this lousy weather seems to play a part in my sudden desire to create again, but maybe also, hearing about my friend Laura (Canadian Chickie and of all about Pretty! fame)  opening up her brick and mortar artsy store, la TaDa! vintage boutique & creative studio has inspired me as well.

Here's to snowstorms and the creativity bug!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love (or something) is in the Air

Valentine-ish Candy Corn ~ yum!
It's Valentine's Day! This is the day when we like to shower our love and attention upon our special someone.
Mildred the monkey  enjoys the view from the wall sconce 
I gave my husband a kiss this morning, only to realize that he is suffering from a nasty flu. Oops! I realized that it was probably not a healthy thing to do the split second I did it. No worries, my hubby had the perfect solution. He said to me: "You can always spray your mouth out with Lysol." Helpful man. Helpful man.
Seasonal confections always in my gumball machine ~
this week it holds Candy Hearts!

Wednesday, February 08, 2012


Part of the Steampunk jewellery collection for sale at Dickens Day
"Ha'penny" Pendant and Ring/Gem Chain ($25 ~ Available)
I've been helping create some Steampunk jewellery for a Graffiti Mix fundraiser. Graffiti Mix is a nonprofit arts collective that my son and a friend of his are launching. They hope to present a full length play in the coming year, and for now much of the preliminary work is being undertaken. 
"Coggler's Triangle" Pendant and Chain  ($22 ~ Available)
It goes without saying that fundraising is always a challenge. Since the play has a Steampunk-ish aesthetic, we thought selling Steampunk jewellery would be a fun endeavour. 
"Heart of Time" (Sold)
"Time Traveller" Pendant and Golden Chain  ($24 ~ SOLD)
Yesterday, we started selling some of the pieces we created at the Concordia University during their Dickens Day celebration (Charles Dickens 200th Birthday).  We hoped to sell at least 5 of our pieces. We far exceeded our goal for the day ~ perhaps this was because of the Dickens Day special prices we were selling for. At any rate, we were very pleased by all the positive feedback we received from many people who stopped by our table to have a peek.
"Lady Liberty" Brooch ($10 ~ Available)
In making these one-of-a-kind pieces, we aren't rushing over to Michael's to buy supplies. All our pieces are created using recycled jewellery parts which each artisan sees in a new way...
"Heart's Door" SOLD
"Regina" Pendant and Ball Chain ($22 ~ Available)
So we're still looking old broken jewellery to create more fun Steampunk jewellery and
I'll post more photos for you to look at later. 
"Bobbin Works" Pendant with Ball Chain ($22 ~ Available)

Sunday, January 01, 2012

So long 2011 ~ hello 2012!

2011 has been a tough one and I am very happy to say adieu to it. 2012 is here and I look forward to it with hope in my heart that it will be a better one.
Irene, my mother-in-law in her younger days ~ she passed away in March at age 81
January means that I start my hunt for unique 2nd hand or handmade gifts ~ Christmas is only 12 months away. Antique malls, garage sales, flea markets, craft sales and the ReUse Centre are all potential locations to find such gems. Finding treasures for my friends and loved ones is such fun!

I am also hopeful that I will get more art done in the months ahead. I have a wing-back chair which is primed and ready to paint. Now all I need is some inspiration to get down to painting another fine art chair!

What great plans do you have in your head and in your heart for 2012?