Monday, May 22, 2006

May calendar pages done

Here are calendar pages 1 and 2 along with the sign in tag I made for Jennifer's calendar. Most people that had worked in her calendar so far had used a photo of themselves to identify themselves, so I decided to use a couple photo booth shots that I'd used for a previous Wacky Photo Booth Swap I hosted.

For Jennifer's calendar, I decided to feature things that had occured in my life during the month of May. I consentrated on 3 themes: Peter Pan play (my son's theatrical debut), the Pointy Hat ART Posse (my local mixed media art group) and the Edmonton Oilers' (our NHL hockey team) drive for the Stanley Cup.

Page 1: I made Jennifer a hanging star like the 34 other stars I created for the cast of Peter Pan, then I made an vellum envelope to "house" it in.

Page 2: This page features a photo of Captain Hook, punched out stars, and an Opening Night ticket attached to it. I trimmed the side of the page with dangly beads (mostly green) ~ Mmmm ... I love danglies and things hanging out the side of these calendars.

May ~ Pointy Pages

Hockey is Canada's sport. Hockey to us is like what baseball or basketball is to the the US. This year our local NHL team, the Edmonton Oilers, is one of the 4 teams left in the Stanley Cup play offs. So I had to do an Edmonton Oilers spread (pages 5 & 6). The team's colours are blue and copper, so I used blue and copper acrylic paint on these pages. On page five, I ripped a photo of the Oilers after a big series win out of the Edmonton Journal newspaper, sealed it with see-thru sticky paper. I added some team facts to the page and added copper wire to the side of the page. For page six, I used the photo that was on the page and added a Stanley Cup on top of the cake.

Here are the Pointy Hat ART Posse (PHAP), Pages 3 & 4 in the May calendar. I wanted to feature PHAP in one of the calendars during this year long project, and May seemed like the perfect time to do so. You can't really see here, but on page four, I used a golden corrigated cardboard background, and used one of the images from the original calendar, which I ripped out of the book. I think it was originally a bishop or something, but I made it into a PHAPer with a polka-dotted dress and pointy hat! "Bringing ART Justice to an Uncreative World" is the Posse's motto, by the way.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Peter Pan Opening Night a smashing success!

The performance was excellent and the after-party was fun. With cool jazz playing, the hors d'oeuvres were great ~ everything from sushi, to fruit platters, cheeses to appetizers on a spoon and tea, coffee, punch and wine were available to all. The lighting was very dim, so half the time we couldn't see exactly what we were sampling. We were famished however, (because we hadn't really taken the time to eat supper), so we really didn't much care ~ everything tasted yummy. They had a cool ice sculpture of a ship "Wendy" to add to the ambiance.

Zach looked very handsome at the party in his "dress-up" clothes ~ even if he didn't button up 3 buttons on his shirt and "forgot" to wear his tie. Hehee

The first thing Zach said to me when we met him after the show was that everyone LOVED the stars. He added that a couple people even hugged him when they received them. While we were mingling at the party, the actor who played Hook came up to Zach and thanked him for the star, commenting on how creative it was.

I ended up making 4 extra stars which was a good thing. Instead of writing names on them, I wrote: "All children, except one, grow up". I think that once Zach realized how impressed people were with them, he was encouraged to give more out to some of the production crew including the director. The photo above shows Zach's star inside the see-thru envelope I made. I sealed all the envelope with copper coloured wax and sealed it with a embossing star.

A good time was had by all.
The big partiers that we are ...we arrived at home by midnight.