Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ted Harrison ~ culture and colour

In Class 5, we learned about
Canadian (and living!) artist,
Ted Harrison.

Harrison has always enjoyed painting his surroundings
and the environment around him.

In his early career,
Harrison used a sombre palette.
Later on, however, inspired by

the Canadian landscape around him,
he started painting in
bright colours with bold, but simple lines.

In this class, students were asked to bring photos
of their homes.

Everyone enjoyed creating a colourful representation of their homes. I heard some were even planning on framing their masterpieces!

Homework for this class is to create another drawing of a famous Canadian landmark in Harrison-like style ~ can't wait to see what everyone creates!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Art in Lyceum ~ Class 4 ... finally

The flu got in the way of our classes last week, so we resumed them today. Today's featured artist was Andy Warhol.

Here is some of the masterpieces the class produced ...

We used markers

to produce bold and bright line work.

What looks simple to the casual onlooker is actually very difficult to reproduce.

And, here is some in class work and homework
from our Chagall class two weeks ago

What an imaginative bunch of artists we have in our group, eh?

Next week we will be learning about Canadian artist, Ted Harrison.