Thursday, July 31, 2008

Journalling: outside my comfort zone

Sarah Whitmire has been been inspiring artists in the past 18 days to work on a ART Journal Project. Although it has been going on for a while, I decided to jump in (yesterday) and try to catch up with "the rest of the class" so to speak. Check out the project's link above ~ perhaps you'll want to join in too. Above is my first spread where I "claim" my journal.

Just a little info on what I did last weekend at PHAP Farm.

This spread is for my Inner ART Critic. I think he might look like the Incredible Hulk. Even though I have pasted his pink slip on the right page, he keeps trying to dissuade me from this messy journalling thing.

This was an interesting assignment. We were to write: I forgot to tell you. Then, we were to write something very personal. This "from the gut" writing is why a lot of people resist journalling. But no worries here, because after writing the stuff on the page, we were to tape it up with all sorts of different kinds of tape, then sand, gesso and paint over it. I still know what I wrote, but no else will.

This page was fun. It was a magazine scavenger hunt.

I'll add more pages as I do them. Hope you enjoyed looking at them so far, make sure you drop by again, and take the time to check some of my other stuff on my blog. This is so good for me artistically because I'm out of my element here. Time to make a mess, do some writing and playing with my art materials! The next assignment has something to do with houses ... stay tuned.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

PHAPulous PHun on the Farm

Oh the fun we had, Saturday afternoon. The Pointy Hat ART Posse threw its first annual (we hope!) PHAP Farm in LA (Leduc, Alberta). Twenty-some artists, wannabe artists and newbie artists gathered at Arlene's house to play. After signing a "Permission to make Mistakes" (or is it Misteaks?), everyone set out for the grand adventure of an afternoon of creative PHun.

Some folks created ATC masterpieces, some bound super unique ART journals, others sketched in the flower garden, while a few fashioned pointy hats, and still others altered clothing.

Sam working on his one-of-a-kind shirt

Dumpster Diva and the CEO (Creative Eccentric One), instigators of PHAP Farm 2008 busy whipping up some one-of-a-kind couture!

Showing off PHAPulous pointy hats

Faux Gogh chair was unveiled for the first time, showing the final panel which is an impressionist portrait of Vincent Van Gogh.

Some people created and bound ART journals, others made Artist Trading Cards, sketched in the flower garden, fashioned pointy hats, and others created one-of-a-kind couture!

Everyone generously shared their yummy picnic-y food with each other which we nibbled on throughout the afternoon, and absolutely no one left hungry. Thankfully, the weather also cooperated splendidly, so we were able do all the activities outside in the sunshine. By the end of the day, everyone took home at least one finished art project (or two), and most were fortunate enough to snag a precious door prize as well. Now, it's only 364 more days until PHAP Farm 2009!

Thursday, July 24, 2008


9 different pieces of ART on MOO cards

My MOO cards have arrived! You can use up to 100 different full colour photos or designs on these mini cards. On the flip side, you can print all your important contact info. I spent a couple hours a while back, looking through all the photos of my art on my computer, uploaded them to MOO and voila in about 10 days they were sitting in my mailbox! Check MOO (based in London, England) out here. By the way, you can also buy business cards, stickers, postcards, greeting cards and note cards with your very own art on em. How cool is that?!

Friday, July 04, 2008

Painting again

Here's a painting I created for my friend entitled "Peace and Joy for Valli". It's smaller than many of the Wide Eyed Portraits at 8x10, but Valli likes little things (maybe it's because she's such a shorty!). I think this painting looks like a very warm summer day in Alberta. What do you think?