Thursday, May 27, 2010

New York New York

Here's the New York City themed chair that I recently completed. The owner of the chair, Thina is sitting in her chair (thanks Thina for sending me this photo ~ it's always great to see the chairs I paint in their new environment!).

Notice the cool skyline dress Thina is wearing. I think she bought it in New York City.

King Kong atop of the
Empire State Building

(in B&W, of course)

Statue of Liberty and a Deli Sandwich
(how very delicious!)

The beautiful Bethesda Fountain (Central Park)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Reminds me of my dad ...

I came across this poem by Canadian poet, Edna Jaques today. It stirred some happy memories of my dad (1912-2005) who was always an early riser.
Growing up, his cheerful voice was always the first thing that I'd hear hear every morning. Often, he would sing a little ditty about the greatness of getting up in the morning, and how good it is to stay in bed. By the time I'd drag my sleepy self to the kitchen, he would have his cup of tea (always in a china cup, because he insisted that there was no other way to have a good cup of tea), and breakfast would be ready on the table.


He rises in the still and quiet dawn
Before the trucks and buses start to run,
Sweeps off the sidewalk ... sprays a little bush,
Turns his old face and watches for the sun.

He sees it rise beyond a clump of trees
And something in his heart is strangely stirred,
As rosy tinted clouds bedeck the sky,
And morning news is passed from bird to bird.

He starts the fire and puts the kettle on,
Putters around the kitchen, dries a cup,
Brings in the paper ... listens to the news,
Calls up the stairs for others to get up.

The peace of night is still upon his heart,
The fragrance of a dream is with him still,
The mystery of half remembered sleep,
Like purple shadows on a distant hill.

All these are his ere other folk arise
A fortress in his heart, serene and strong,
A spring of water softly welling up,
That feeds his thirsty soul the whole day long.

Love you Dad.
Miss you!

Monday, May 17, 2010

How to melt away 30+ years

Isn't it a beautiful thing when you can get together with someone after more than 3 decades and still connect like a day hasn't passed?

That's exactly what happened recently when I visited my hometown and stayed with my high school friend, Marnie at her Bed and Breakfast. The hospitality of her, her husband and son was outstanding, and I would highly recommend their Bed and Breakfast, Wyndhaven Cottage Bed and Breakfast if you are ever travelling through Clearwater BC. Oh! and tell them that Dawn sent you :)

My only complaint was that our visit was far, far too short. However, I did encourage Marnie to start blogging while I was there, and I think she's hooked ~ she has just started blogging; (her blog is called Crumpled News) so we shall stay connected through blogging for now, and maybe she'll visit us someday. Sooner than 30+ years, I hope!