Monday, September 25, 2006

I made 26 charms like this for a charm bracelette swap I'm participating in, hosted by Ruth Rae.

My charms are made from squished old bottle caps ~ with maple leaves on the backs. The photo on the charm is of my great aunt (she's on the right) taken in the 1920s. It says "CHUMS" and an antique-looking key adorns the side of the charm.

Here's a photo too of what the bracelette that Ruth is making for me will look like (imagine 25 little totally unique, artsy charms on it!) I can't wait ~ wheee!!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

And ... September's Calendar

For September's calendar, Caren has a theme of Color and "A dream I have for myself." I like some of the pages I created for her calendar. I hope she'll like em too!

These are my two favourite pages. What do you think?

(Wow, did you notice, I'm posting twice in one night .. isn't that some sort of record or something?)

Here's August's pages

I just noticed that I didn't post August's calendar pages yet. This calendar had a New York theme with a Portal sub-theme. Pictured here is page 1, with a door opened to page 3. Also, a slide holder that I used on the sign in page which frames a postage stamp that reads: Greetings from New York.

I used the Statue of Liberty several time on the 6 pages I completed, including a bottle cap dangly attached to the bottom of page 1.

This was a challenge for me to work with this theme as it is one I wouldn't choose for myself. I still enjoyed working on it.

Friday, September 08, 2006


I recently submitted some mail art for Mailmania2 in Victoria, Showing at the Fran Willis Gallery #200-1619 Store Street Victoria, BC, Canada, from 4 September until 21 September 2006. I noticed the other day that they'd posted my entry on the Mailmania blog.

I painted the canvas and then added several layers of tissue paper and other papers, gold leaf and a photo transparency. The transparency I used on this 4"x6" canvas is of my Great Grandfather and my mother's cousin.

Zach also sent a postcard with a copy of a drawing he did of a imaginary creature named "Purple". His postcard, front and back is shown above.