Saturday, April 29, 2006

I'm seeing Stars!

Zachary's been working hard since March as a part of the production of Peter Pan at the Citadel Theatre here in the city. Tonight they're doing the play in front of their first preview audience. Zach plays an Indian guard and a nasssssty pirate.

Our family will be going to see the play on Opening Night on May 4th which is soooo exciting!

Here's a couple photos of the stars I made for Zach to give the other cast members. I made 31 in all, including one for Zach. I was very pleased how the stars worked out.

Thanks to the Pointy Hat Art Posse members who helped me cut out the stars from matt board ~ that stuff is THICK!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

New Swap ~ come join the fun!

Strawberry Saroyan of the NY Times News Service writes: "... The old-fashioned photo booth is making a comeback. Bars and restaurants in San Francisco and New York are using them to attract customers, and individuals are buying them for their homes. But perhaps not surprisingly it is in Hollywood where they have become the toy du jour, with celebrities installing them as permanent party gimmicks for guests who never tire of seeing themselves in close-up."

Back by popular demand, it’s time for another Wacky Photo Booth Swap (WPBS)! 4 for 4 original ATCs

Here’s what you do: Collect your "props", go to a photo booth, get your photos taken (you can scan the orginal photo strips if you wish to keep them) and create a set of 4 ATCs.
Because some people wanted to join last time, but didn’t have a photo booth in their area, this time around you are welcome to "create" a photo booth-like backdrop and take your own photos. Or, you may want to use old photo booth ATCs from way back when. Having said that, anyone who participated in the last WPB Swap would tell you half the fun was venturing out to a photo booth in a middle of a mall somewhere ~ oh the adventure of it all! Any questions? Just ask.
Sign up by: 12 May 2006
Due Date: 12 June 2006 (in my hands)
Postage within Canada: send a SASE
Postage from US: If you’re in the US, please send $2 cash to cover return postage as I cannot use US postage stamps to mail things back to you.

Email me if you wanna play!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Sharon's April calendar ~ my 1st spread

For the first spread in Sharon Wisely's calendar (April), I ripped a page out which had the photo of the girl and the cow and then pasted it on another page. Then I painted the two pages in a beautiful spring green. Accent colour here is a fuschia and the pages have an Easter theme. The pocket on the right side contain some goodies including an Easter ATC, a silver pendant and a page from an old hymnal with an Easter hymn on it. Sharon placed a Cesare Pavese quote on the 2nd page, but the whole quote wasn't there, so I finished it in big letters on the right. Lots of colour and scribbling on these pages as well as a few poked holes, jagged edges and ribbons galore complete this spread.

Sharon's calendar ~ 2nd spread

Here is a two page spread that I have completed in Sharon Wisely's calendar (for the MMCA calendar swap).

On the left hand page, Sharon included an small envelope with a place for a few facts to be inserted about each individual artist who creates in her calendar. They are: Name, favourite colour, indulgence, favourite movie, and the following statement: "If I had wings I would ..." Stuff I used on this spread include: soft pastel (fast becoming my favourite thing to work with), markers, crayons, fibers, glitter glue, a tag, rubber stamps and found images.