Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Getting ready for classes

My foray into teaching altered art starts soon ~ November 6th. A couple days ago I went down to the library to decorate the main display case which was a lot of fun. Hopefully it'll spawn a lot of interest for Altered Art 101. I love what the library wrote as the age group for the sessions: 12-99 years. Wonder how many 99 year olds will attend ~ hehe. I want the 4 classes to be a real hands on experience for the people who take it. I don't want to give a bunch of instruction ~ I'd rather be a facilitator for their artist process. Wish me luck!

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Stacie Rife said...

OH my gosh!!!
It has been a long time since I have seen your work/spoke to you.
If you don't remember me, we traded ATC's a few years ago!! Yours was one of the first ones I received in a trade! I found your link from Becky Christian's website! .. and look at you now.. YOur teaching & everything!!! YOU GO GIRL!!!! Pretty soon we'll see you on the teaching roster for Artfest!!! :) Good to find u!!!