Friday, September 08, 2006


I recently submitted some mail art for Mailmania2 in Victoria, Showing at the Fran Willis Gallery #200-1619 Store Street Victoria, BC, Canada, from 4 September until 21 September 2006. I noticed the other day that they'd posted my entry on the Mailmania blog.

I painted the canvas and then added several layers of tissue paper and other papers, gold leaf and a photo transparency. The transparency I used on this 4"x6" canvas is of my Great Grandfather and my mother's cousin.

Zach also sent a postcard with a copy of a drawing he did of a imaginary creature named "Purple". His postcard, front and back is shown above.


arlene said...

Hi Dawn,
I picked up lots of treasure to share with the posse! Tried to upload pics but at $5.00/hour it's too spendy for me. See you soon though!

Ann Christine Dennison said...

I really like the picture with your Great Grandfather, the colours are beautiful and all those layers give it a wonderful dimension!