Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I am the Bravest artist ANYwhere!

Some of the titles for this post could have been Truth in ART, Help Wanted ... badly, Outta Control Studio etc. etc. Suffice it to say that my art studio is wayyyyyy beyond the point of needing a clean. How many of you Mixed Media types ~ or should I say Mixed-up Media types ~ would be brave enough to post photos like this on their blogs?! [Here's a challenge to ya'll to show your messiest studiosI figure the sheer shame of it all should entice me into getting down to the nitty gritty job of cleaning this disaster zone up!

Anyone brave enough to help me out to actually discover whether there really is a work surface down there would be welcome to join me. **BIG SMILE**
I've got a goal for getting this artroom cleaned up too. May 26th, I'm having a garage sale, so I'd like to get down business down in the studio by then and hopefully have a bunch of "valuable merchandise" to sell to the unsuspecting public.


tiffini elektra x said...

Oh I am so with you! My studio is a mess - how brave you are to show photos!!

dunesza said...

Very brave, I'd say! I groan when my desk start to look like its gonna collapse any second now and my system of 'order' is a desperate attempt to find things and assure myself that I can still find it!!! hahaha!

Maija said...

There really are other people like me! I would feel very comfortable in your studio, as you would in mine!!