Saturday, June 16, 2007

THE Latest!

This sweet face is my newest GREAT Nephew, Blake. Isn't he a cutie pie?

He was born last night to my niece Carla and her hubby Shane. I think he looks a lot like his big brother, Ben. There's another photo where Benji is looking at Blake with an expression like: Who are you, and do you really think you're gonna come home with us?!

Congratulations to Carla, Shane, Ben and Grammie Marmar. I know you'll enjoy this little life that has been entrusted into your care.

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The Weckstroms said...

Thanks Auntie Dawn!
I was checking out your blog, and imagine my shock when I saw a baby picture that looked oh-so-familiar! LOL!
We are loving every moment with our new little boy...he's so precious!
Hope we can show him (and Ben) off to the Alberta clan very soon :)
Love ya, Carla