Sunday, October 28, 2007

ReUse Wonders

The oh-so-cool 12 Days of Christmas Swap is here and I've completed my gifts! They're wrapped (see right) and ready to be mailed. Headed up once again by Lelainia Lloyd, this year promises to be another fun-filled experience. I can hardly wait!

My ART buddy, Arlene is participating this year too ~ yay! She's in the other group of 12, so I'll get to see all 24 creations. Plus we are making an additional gift to exchange between each other which will be fun.

Can't tell you what's inside the packages though, but I can tell you that (1) I created the gifties with stuff entirely from the Edmonton ReUse Centre (my favourite-est art supply store, e-ver!). (2) People who receive these babies will be able to hang them on their Christmas tree if they wish. (3) The item has a vintage feel to them. (4) The gifts are wrapped in florist foil wrap and topped with a slide with the number "9" on them (since my gifts will be opened on the 9th Day of Christmas). A little red, green or gold bow tops the slide for a little added pizzaz.


arlene said...

Nice! I'm so jealous that your's are all mailed out. Re-Use is THE best!!

I must admit, that I am having a hard time thinking about letting my gifties go...I'm all done, but I've become very attached to my little creations.

christine said...

This is extremely intriguing!! Can't wait to see what you made - I'll keep checking on your blog... ;)