Friday, July 04, 2008

Painting again

Here's a painting I created for my friend entitled "Peace and Joy for Valli". It's smaller than many of the Wide Eyed Portraits at 8x10, but Valli likes little things (maybe it's because she's such a shorty!). I think this painting looks like a very warm summer day in Alberta. What do you think?


Kel said...

Thanks for stopping by the Holy Land. It's fun to see your artsy profile. I too enjoy creating and love altered art. Ill be sure to stop by often and see what you are creating there is Canada !!!

arlene said...

Makes me want to run through the tall grass and sing "The Hills are Alive"!
Actually I did that today with my family. We went out and flew kites. But I didn't actually run. Or sing. But you know...close enough.

I love the painting. You are SO talented.