Saturday, May 30, 2009

Get Well, my friend

My friend Shelly has been in hospital since Friday, May 22nd with a brain injury that she sustained when she fell backward out of her van, after adjusting a window for her daughter.

It's a very worrisome time for everyone who cares for her. I've visited with her almost every day since her accident, but today being unable to, I chose to send a 1960s circa Get Well greeting card along with some of her family who were going to spend some time with her. The card I picked for Shelly had a picture of three kittens in a basket with embossed lacy trim, transparent glitter and pink accents. She'll love it.

I have a cache of wonderfully glittery retro greeting cards which I only use on very special occasions. I have found these treasures throughout the years at Estate Sales, 2nd Hand Stores, Garage Sales and our local Reuse Centre. Unfortunately the glittery wonder that is these cards doesn't reproduce well in my scanner. You'll have to use your imagination.

Anyway ... while searching through my special "oldies", I was happy to find several Get Well cards. They are all very delicate and so much prettier than the mass produced cards we can buy at the Dollar or Hallmark stores these days. One thing that I noticed is the interesting messages that are inside these lovelies. Below, are some samples of their messages ...

Though times have changed Since Grandma's day
Some things are here to stay
Like these Old~Fashioned Get~Well Wishes
Sent in the same old sincere way!

If special hopes were sunbeams ~
Your room would be so bright,
Because such hopes are with you

From morning until night!

If special thoughts were flowers ~

How cheerful it would be,

With all the thoughts that blossom

For you especially!

The "bright room" mentioned in the verse above quashed using that card. I can't imagine Shelly enjoying a bright room at the moment when she has a serious concussion and the world's worst head ache ~ it's low lights and low voices for her, under the circumstances.

Get well Shelly.
You're in our hearts and in our prayers ~
we're all pulling for you!


Pretty Things said...

Oh my gosh! I'll be thinking of her, and you!

Linda Crispell said...

How awful, I hope she has a very speedy recovery. Your lovely vintage cards should help her spirits.

Anne said...

Hi, Dawn! Thinking positive happy thoughts for you, your friend Shelly, and your families. What a scary thing to have happen. One minute you're fine, then blammo! Everything changes in an instant. Hope Shelly feels much better soon! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hope Shelley is doing better...My thoughts and prayers are with her.
Sweet cards!


Maija said...

I'm so sorry about your friend! I'd love to send her a card if you'd like!