Saturday, June 06, 2009

A look back

Thought it would be fun to share some photos
of my sons from the 1990s.

They haven't changed much ~ well except for the fact that they were
much shorter than me in those days!
They both are wearing Aladdin outfits ~ Aladdin was the big Disney hit of the time ~ a foreshadowing of their enjoyment of animated film perhaps...

At the Valley Zoo with their daddy, looking rather spiffy decked out in their fluorescent threads which were very popular in the early 90s.

And finally a photo that shows the personalities of our sons quite profoundly.
Zach was in the stage of trying
to imitate some of the faces from Calvin & Hobbes ~ his favourite comic.
Today he owns The Complete Calvin and Hobbes collection.

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arlene said...

Oh my Gosh!! LOL They have't changes at ALL!!
I remember those clothes...dear God, what were we thinking???! LOL