Sunday, August 09, 2009

Making room

We placed it on the lawn. This love seat was out there for less than half an hour when two guys drove up with a pickup truck and hauled it away. My son yelled out the door, "Thank you!" as they loaded it up and left. We had two of these love seats for many years. They provided a place to sit, but never a comfy nap ~ especially for 3 guys in our house who are all over 6 feet tall. Whenever you put your head down, it was always greeted with an awfully sharp piece of oak. It also had movable cushions which often shifted which made it less desirable. A while back we purchased a funky couch with a comfy, napable surface, so I was anxious to get rid of the love seats. The first one had to go in order to get the couch in the living room, but my husband seemed overly attached to the idea of keeping the other one. I was very happy when finally, this weekend, I convinced him that we should part with this little bit of family history too, and gain more room in our living room; which my son, home from university for the summer, has taken over with his full sized piano keyboard, two guitars, computer and numerous gaming systems and games. Life can be spatially challenging in a small abode.

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arlene said...

I'm sure it made someones day to find such a treasure!