Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sharing ART with the chickies and rooster

Today's the last day of the Canadian Chickies, Chickie Journal Swap. On Saturday, the Edmonton-area Chickies (and token Rooster) will be getting together over Pumpkin Lattes to do a live swap. I'm very excited because I can't wait to see what everyone has created over the past few months. There WILL be photos forthcoming.
Besides, after this swap is over, we can start discussing what to do for a Christmas swap. That's right, the weather is cooling, and Christmas isn't really that far away, is it?


sherry ♥ lee said...

I love it - the Canadian Chickies...and a rooster!! Have a wonderful time with your swap -- pumpkin spice lattes are divine!!! Have one for me too Dawn! :)

arlene said...

Whew! Just in the nick of time! I'm putting my journal for Kim in the mail today. Sorry I didn't get it away sooner! I meant to, I really did!