Monday, May 17, 2010

How to melt away 30+ years

Isn't it a beautiful thing when you can get together with someone after more than 3 decades and still connect like a day hasn't passed?

That's exactly what happened recently when I visited my hometown and stayed with my high school friend, Marnie at her Bed and Breakfast. The hospitality of her, her husband and son was outstanding, and I would highly recommend their Bed and Breakfast, Wyndhaven Cottage Bed and Breakfast if you are ever travelling through Clearwater BC. Oh! and tell them that Dawn sent you :)

My only complaint was that our visit was far, far too short. However, I did encourage Marnie to start blogging while I was there, and I think she's hooked ~ she has just started blogging; (her blog is called Crumpled News) so we shall stay connected through blogging for now, and maybe she'll visit us someday. Sooner than 30+ years, I hope!

1 comment:

Marnie said...

I'm still 29 and holding how about you?
Besides we're not that old to be saying 3 decades are we? oh boy think I might be in for a reality check...and I thought the weather was depressing! lol :}