Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Homemade's simply better!

Reading my good friend, Arlene's blog, Artdeme the other day,
I was inspired to give her pizza recipe a try.

Her recipe isn't just a list of ingredients with clinical preparation procedures. Arlene talks to you in terms such as "two or three good glugs of olive oil" and "[The dough] shouldn't be like sludge from the black lagoon, hanging between your fingers" which makes the whole exercise a lot more fun.

Notice, at first my dough was a tad gooey ... I had to add a little more flour,
and then shape the pizzas into pans.

Arlene suggested several topping ingredients. My pizza had shredded pepperoni, (onions, garlic, red and orange peppers which I saut├ęd), corn, crushed pineapple, fresh spinach, feta cheese, aged and extra aged cheddar cheese over a herbed tomato sauce.

Cooking this yumminess takes a mere 20 minutes...

The recipe is good for one large and two individual pizzas ...

Scrumptiousness which simply cannot be outdone by buying $50 worth at a take out joint
or worse yet, a frozen one from the supermarket!

Check out Artdeme and try Arlene's pizza for yourself. It is surprisingly simple to make and worth every minute it takes to prepare.
Your family will love you for it.


arlene said...

Oh that does look good! You are an adventurous cook, so I knew this would work for you...but anyone could do it, right?
And thanks for the reminder about the corn...that's one of my favorite pizza toppings too. I tried it after seeing it on a Food Network show and it made perfect sense to use it on a's sweet and crunchy and delish.
One thing I've seen that I haven't tried is potatoes...sliced thin. I think I might have to cook them a bit first though. I'll have to experiment with that and let you know.

Anne Gaal said...

Hi, Dawn! I just came from Arlene's blog, which set me to drooling for homemade pizza! It is one of our favorites in our household! And now, I stop by your blog, and see more pizza goodness! I think we are having a pizza command performance tomorrow night for sure! Now ... to wipe this drool off my keyboard and see about lunch.........