Sunday, January 30, 2011

A new year begins with a good bye

Right after New Year's Day, I got a call saying that my aunt (Dad's youngest sibling) was dying. I flew out to Victoria, and was thankful that I got there just in time, to see and speak to her before she passed away at the age of 89.

She was everyone's favourite auntie. She was single all her life and loved nothing better than to dote on her nieces and nephews. Christmas time she would send a large parcel to our house brimming full of beautifully wrapped gifts with something special for everyone. Whenever our family visited Vancouver Island, she would welcome us to her house and take us to interesting places in Victoria and further up the island.

She devoted her life to the service of others, taking care of family members as they grew older, including her father, two brothers and one sister (she was the youngest of 12 children). I will always be inspired by her dedication in caring for others; that is what I'll always admire most about this very special woman.


Jann said...

Lovely photo--your aunt sounds like she was a wonderful person; and how fortunate that she was able to live such a long life and that you have such lovely memories of her.

Diane Writes said...

Hi! We shared the same experience. I had aunties who were single in their entire life but managed to touch, inspire and help the lives of other people. They are God's special gift to all of us. Life will never be that wonderful wtihout them. Thank you for sharing!