Tuesday, March 29, 2011

{Virtual Coffee} #5: Taking the bad with the good

First of all, I need to bitterly complain about the editing on Blogger. Are any of you  as frustrated about Blogger as I am? Why is it so klutzy?! I can't understand why it messes up the formatting so much when I attempt to use photos and then it'll underline whole sections for no reason whatsoever! I just about gave up completing this post entirely because of the ridiculous system. Argh!! Okay, so my rant is done ~ on to Virtual Coffee ...
Morning coffee with box of chocolates I gave Greg for our
anniversary. The scripture verse on the box was most appropriate
considering what has been going on in our lives lately.

{Virtual Coffee} today includes a potpourri of things. If you were here sharing a cup of coffee with me today, I would have to tell you that my beautiful mother-in-law, Irene passed away on March 16th, so it's been rather sad around here lately as we mourn the passing of my husband's lovely mom. She is in Heaven and free of the worries and stresses of this world, but it is difficult for us.

My son David was in the middle of rehearsing for the musical, Honk! when he was called to say his good byes to his Granny. Honk! is a super upbeat and happy retelling of the Ugly Duckling, so it was tremendously difficult on David by opening night to perform when his beloved Granny had just passed away. The cast was very supportive of him and the shows were dedicated to the memory of Irene.
Standing beneath her beloved apple tree
Irene Supina

The Celebration of Life Memorial was beautiful. All of Irene's children paid tribute to their mother. (Proverbs 31:28-31), A common thread wove it's way through all their words: Love.  She was a remarkable woman whose deep faith impacted many lives. With great compassion and constant encouragement, she joyfully welcomed everyone into her heart.
One of the beautiful things that happened through this was the little miracles in the insignificant details. Irene's favourite flowers were the ever-joyful sunflowers. Sunflowers are definitely not in season; we were told that the florist may not be able to use fresh sunflowers in the arrangements because of this fact. However, as the memorial drew nearer, sunflowers started popping up everywhere! First they started appearing in stores, then on opening night of Honk! all the cast members were given flowers: sunflowers! Then, when I went to the Post Office to buy stamps to mail out thank you notes, I discovered that Canada Post had just released sunflower postage stamps on March 3rd!
Canada Post Sunflower Stamps released March 2011

Although we grieve and we're still emotionally exhausted, Greg and I also celebrate today because it is our Silver Wedding Anniversary. Tonight, we plan to dine in the restaurant that Greg proposed to me in 1984.
The two of us in 1986


Kim Mailhot said...

I am so sorry for the loss you family is going through right now, Lovely Dawn. I know that embracing the sweet life moments as they come will help you through.
Happy Anniversary !

Floss said...

I'm so sorry to read your news. I have just been preparing (in advance, for posting on Sunday) a post about the hard times in life. Your post really sums it all up. And have a wonderful anniversary too!

Anonymous said...

im so very sorry for your loss, i just heard the news about auntie irene today. my prayers are with your family, i wish i could have come to the service and i know my mum (ann) would have loved to come to.
you're all in my thoughts,
Samantha Collette (Kupchenko)

Dawn said...

Thank you all for your kind words. The love and concern of friends and family mean a lot to us!