Thursday, April 13, 2006

Sharon's April calendar ~ my 1st spread

For the first spread in Sharon Wisely's calendar (April), I ripped a page out which had the photo of the girl and the cow and then pasted it on another page. Then I painted the two pages in a beautiful spring green. Accent colour here is a fuschia and the pages have an Easter theme. The pocket on the right side contain some goodies including an Easter ATC, a silver pendant and a page from an old hymnal with an Easter hymn on it. Sharon placed a Cesare Pavese quote on the 2nd page, but the whole quote wasn't there, so I finished it in big letters on the right. Lots of colour and scribbling on these pages as well as a few poked holes, jagged edges and ribbons galore complete this spread.


tiffinix said...

Oh I just love that picture of the girl and the cow! SO sweet - and wonderful colors on both spreads! Gorgeous! xoxo

tiffinix said...

Oh my! I adore this picture of the girl and the cow! Wonderful colors as well - just gorgeous! xo