Saturday, April 29, 2006

I'm seeing Stars!

Zachary's been working hard since March as a part of the production of Peter Pan at the Citadel Theatre here in the city. Tonight they're doing the play in front of their first preview audience. Zach plays an Indian guard and a nasssssty pirate.

Our family will be going to see the play on Opening Night on May 4th which is soooo exciting!

Here's a couple photos of the stars I made for Zach to give the other cast members. I made 31 in all, including one for Zach. I was very pleased how the stars worked out.

Thanks to the Pointy Hat Art Posse members who helped me cut out the stars from matt board ~ that stuff is THICK!


AscenderRisesAbove said...

My first thought was: stars in the cement in hollywood...

Charlotte Kemsley said...

As I'm writing this, you'll maybe be starting to get ready for the big night! All the best for Zach and his mates - and what a lovely mum you are to make these stars for them all! They're gorgeous!

Hugs, Lolly xxx