Saturday, August 05, 2006

Bright Idea Award

This is the trophy that I recently created for PHAP. I began with an old trophy base (stuck on a pendant that said "BEST", and stuck on black-on-gold stickers reading "PHAP"). Then I attached a large cardboard thread spool to it. Then I covered the spool with silver tape. The award is topped with a red Christmas light with copper wire wrapped around it. To gussy up the award, I added a Zetti-like face and gave him a pointy hat, as well as a mini ATC, a rusty screw (Posse members often have a screw or two loose!), a small pencil, a red tag that reads "Bright Idea Trophy" and rhinestones. At the base of the award: blue, green and silver pipecleaners add some pizzazz, as do four marbles (just in case someone thinks they may have lost their marbles!).

The first winner of the award was Corrinne who created a very cool ART doll for the July Posse meetin'.

1 comment:

Dumpster Diva said...

If I can only win this trophy next month, my life will be complete! LOL