Thursday, August 31, 2006

Must blog!

I was just taking a look at my friend Arlene's blog and noticed how faithfully she's been blogging lately. It's really interesting to read. Then I took a peek at my blog and realized that I've been "loafing on the job"! Sorry folks.

In other news ... I've signed up for several swaps as of late.
1. Charm Bracelette Swap (I have them done & ready to mail, but can't post them until they've been sent out to the participants)
2. Vintage Postcards
3. Altered Cabinet Cards
4. Twelve Days of Christmas (need to make 12 small gifts to send out to 12 other participants ~ I still haven't decided what to make for this

The circular art here is a photo repro of my mother with her mother in the 1920s. I used this piece for a recipe book that I made for my niece Sharon recently.


The Joyful Artist said...

I love your use of colors in this piece Dawn.

Lucky Niece
Thanks for Sharing

arlene said...

This is so beautiful! I could pick it out of a lineup and credit it to you, you creative thing you!