Sunday, September 16, 2007

My 1st Gnome

Here's the story ... one day in the pre-dawn hours, this gnome appeared in my garden. When I looked out my window, there he was in all his glory. With suitcase in hand, he was dressed like he'd just returned from the tropics and was holding a refreshing beverage and brought a little green friend with him. I've always wanted my very own gnome, but never thought I would have one with such a great personality. Unfortunately he won't do any weeding in the garden, even though I've subtly suggested he do so. Maybe next year.
Note: (Shelly later fessed up to placing him there at 5 a.m. on that summer morning ~ what a hoot!)


A bird in the hand said...


Yours truly,
The Travelcity Gnome

arlene said...

He's a groovy's a groovy kinda' love thing you got goin' on with the gnomes. I hope more make their way to your house. I know they'll be well treated there!