Wednesday, September 12, 2007

No camera therefore you get some old stuff to look at

It's like this. Presently, I am without a camera. Sad, I know. Therefore I haven't been blogging because I don't have any fun "eye candy" to entice you with. So for your viewing pleasure, I'm gonna look back at some stuff that I have on my computer picture files and share em with you. Now let's see, what would you like to see first?

PHOTO: Shelly taking a look at a train case that I altered into a Titanic theme. It is supposed to be the case of perfumer, Adolphe Saalfeld, who was an actual passenger who survived. Some of the things I included in the case were, several vials of perfume (which I gave 1912 era appropriate names), a letter with an actual quote Saalfeld wrote to his wife after his rescue, a Oriental themed silk and brass ornament that is wrapped in brown paper, tied with string and pretend Titanic gift shop receipt, and for a comic twist, I included a an actual present day tabloid with a headline: NUKES SANK TITANIC. One can always depend on Weekly World News for accurate reporting! *smile* This project was great fun from start to finish, and to make things better, Shelly was thrilled to .
By the way, in 2000, Saalfeld's perfumes were found on the sea floor there was talk that a manufacture would sell modern copies.

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