Thursday, October 23, 2008

Faux Gogh Chair part 4

For everyone that guessed what we would have on the back of my Faux Gogh ... here's what it is. Zachary finished the preliminary drawing on the back of the chair ~ he did an awesome job!

Now I can't wait to get down to the nitty gritty of painting the last panel. Zach, though, reminds me that I still have the bottom of the cushion still to complete and to do the bottom of Arlene's Faux Gogh chair.

After I complete this chair, I'm considering the possibility of painting and selling other Faux Gogh chairs (purchasing new chairs from Ikea and going from there). What do you think?

Stay tuned ....


Kim Mailhot said...

I think you could make a lot of people very happy by selling these types of chairs ! I for one would love one !!!

Karyn said...

Hey! Where's the photo of panel 3? I was looking forward to it!

I think you should CERTAINLY advertise to create these chairs!

As I empty my house of things I don't need and love, I am hoping to make room for a unique chair with your flair. I don't feel too hopeful of making that much room, but you never know.

Anonymous said...

I think selling your chairs is a Great idea Dawn! Go for it.

Deirdra Doan said...

HI Dawn,
I want you to know I wear the little bottle cape pendant with a girl and pink bead all all all the time!! I so love it. Thank you....