Wednesday, December 17, 2008

5th Day of Christmas arrives with lace & bling ...

Arlene of Art De Me created one of her masterpiece wallets for me ... finally! I've seen some of these wallets before that she has made for her family, and I've hinted quite loudly that I would love to have one for my very own, and now I do, thanks to the 12 Days of Christmas Swap.
I love everything about the wallet, Arlene. From the blingy buttons, to the nativity postage stamps, to the vintage doilies to the handwriting ~ you really do know me, my friend. As you say: more glitter!
For anyone fortunate enough to now one, you should know that these babies wear really well. Arlene still uses the original wallet she made as a prototype and it's holding up after years of use. And with all the pockets inside, there is plenty of room for one's myriad of cards (including MOOs).

P.S. Arlene, I love the face inside the pocket area of my wallet. Was that done intentionally? Very cool!

1 comment:

arlene said...

I'm happy you like it, and I hope you enjoy the bling every time you take it out. I had some play money I meant to stuff it with, but it's sitting on the table in my studio. :(
The face was a happy accident...I love it when that happens.
See you tomorrow! Can't wait to see what's next!
xo arlene...waiting for my kids to finish their class so I can open my gift from Lelainia