Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Fine Art in the Library, Class 4

Our numbers were few today as school's are out for Spring Break this week. Nevertheless, a few eager kids came to the class to learn about our artist of the week, Canadian Ted Harrison.

The Leduc Public Library has a Ted Harrison limited edition print (30/150) which the kids were able to view his work up close and personal. The print is entitled Winter Day ~ something we're all very accustomed to around these parts.

We found out that although Harrison's work looks easy to duplicate, that his simple lines are not that easy to reproduce.


Kim Mailhot said...

Interesting that what looks simple is often not lesson for the kids and for all of us adults too, right ?

I so admire and appreciate the lessons you are sharing with your kiddos at the library, Dawn. Very cool !
Happy Thursday !
Love Kim

Karyn said...

Looks like the kids did pretty well, in spite of it being more difficult than it looks!

Anne said...

Hi, Dawn! Love the photos and pictures from your class. Simple can be hard! But I love the pictures the kids created all the same! :-)