Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mother-of-all-Aprons Swap

Here's some photos of the apron I created for Jennifer Conway for the Canadian Chickies' Mother's Day apron swap.

Actually I was pretty happy with how Jen's caricature turned out. It was helpful she had a couple photos of herself on her blog. It was fun to make baskets out of the apron pockets. I added details to the apron that would be be special to Jen. I was pleased to hear that she received the apron safe and sound and that she was very happy with what I came up with for her.


Jennifer Conway said...

This apron brought tears to my eyes (hard to do!). I proudly display it in room! I love it to bits, and show it off to everyone who walks through the front door!! Love, love, love it - thank you so much!
*smiles* ~Jen

Dawn Supina said...

Aww ~ thank you Jen for loving something that I created. I took a lot of care making the apron for you and was really happy with it too because the caricature actually looks like you :)

~ Dawn.

sherry lee said...

Lucky Jen!! I think it's wonderful what you ladies did with these aprons (I saw what Kim made for her partner) use the pockets as "baskets"? Brilliant Dawn! Very colourful and that you made this a caricature of Jen makes it even more personal and meaningful. Little wonder she had tears when she opened it!!!

Brenda Seaholm-Wampler said...

You did an AMAZING job! I think I need to commission you to create one for me.....what do you think? Can we talk?