Saturday, February 20, 2010

Thank God for friends

My mom's health has been on a steep decline in the last few months. It's so hard to see her in the state she's in now. Her warm blue eyes now most often stare vacantly, and the words that she tries to form are often garbled and confusing. All we can offer her is a hug and a few words of love and a hand to hold. Sometimes when tough things are thrown into one's path, it's good to let loose and forget one's worries a while and surround one's self with good friends who are willing to show up to party in their PJs. 
This marks the 8th year that my friend Gloria and I have thrown our own birthday  party. It all started when we discussed the fact that neither one of our great husbands would ever throw birthday parties for us,  and if we wanted to have one, we'd have to throw our own. And that is just what we've done! Other years, we have had themes such as 1970s, Tacky, High Tea and Bollywood, among others. This year we decided to throw a relaxed, laid back PJ Brunch. Everyone was invited to join us for a brunch with a pajamas dress code. The food was delicious, the animal charades were hilarious, and the party was over much too soon.  
Thank God for friends.


arlene said...

OH, FUN again! Sorry I missed it. (We have some of those trying times happening around here too.) I hope your Mom is peaceful and knows how she is loved. You're all in my prayers.
I do have birthday goodies for you...I sadly neglected to bring them when I saw you last week. We must get together soon.
Will you be at Daniel or Dorothy's concerts tomorrow?

Nicolette said...

So glad to see that you had a great time! Wish I could have been part of the celebration, but you know that I was there in spirit!

Dawn Supina said...

I missed you guys too! We need to do coffee sometime soon!

Kim Mailhot said...

Happy Happy Birthday , Dawn ! Throwing your own birthday party is definitely the way to go - that way it plays out just like you dream it will, doesn't it ? And yes, I think everyday what would I do without my friends ? They mean so very much to me and truly make life juicy ! So glad your gang does that for you too.
Sorry about your Mom...may those hugs and loving moments be some comfort for both of you..

Keep on celebrating the good stuff so fantastically well, Dawn ! Big love to you !