Wednesday, June 09, 2010

What do you collect?

There are many things I enjoy collecting...

Original ART
China Cup and Saucers
Souvenir Spoons
Van Gogh themed items
Box Cameras
Salt and Pepper Shakers
Vintage Advertising Art
Vintage Suitcases
and now ...

Pretty Cream and Sugar Sets!
My rule of thumb usually is: If I have 3 or more of an item, I collect it. Hmm ... guess that means I collect lava lamps too, but that is a whole other discussion.

What's with my latest collection? I have discovered that I simply adore cream and sugar sets. What good is a set of cream and sugar? Most people simply put a milk carton on the table and a bowl with sugar on the table when they serve tea or coffee. Call me old fashioned, but I love using cream and sugar sets for their intended purpose. However, I also enjoy find other uses for these beautiful items. I think they make perfect bud vases for a flower or two, don't you?

Leave me a comment and tell me what you collect.


Dorothy said...

I collect business cards, or at least I used to. I have TONS now! I used to pick them up wherever I went and then friends started getting them for me too. I have them from many different cities.
I guess if anything over 3 counts as a collection I collect ukuleles now too...

Kim Mailhot said...

Egg cups, colbalt blue glass, glass hands (I only have one but I am on the look out for more !), art supplies, journals, heart shaped rocks...that about covers it.
Here's a question for you, Lovely Dawn. If you could only bring one collection with you when you had to leave everything else behind, what collection would you bring ?
Interesting thoughts...
Big Love to you, talented one !

Dawn said...

Dorothy ~ I owe you a business card!

Kim ~ Guess I would take one of my vintage suitcases and tuck in a couple things such as some of my Original ART, a Cup and Saucer Set, A Souvenir Spoon, at least one Van Gogh themed item, a
Box Camera, one Salt and Pepper Set and a Vintage Advertising Art piece :)

Curious Works said...

I love to read about other peoples collections! sometimes I feel like it would be easier to list what i don't collect...and I'm always finding something else that I want to start collecting. I guess that makes me a compulsive collector. I agree with you that 3 or more of anything qualifies as a collection.
I could probably add more to this list if i walked through my house...peeked into drawers, and visited the basement... but here's a start...camels, elephants, teacups, natural curiousities, vintage handkerchiefs, optical lenses, old books, antique typewriters, vintage travel alarms, bird cages, nests, old bottles, brass & glass boxes, Alaskan native american masks, Eskimo yo-yos, vintage croquet balls, spheres of all kinds, antique & vintage buttons, vintage sewing supplies, rusty metal (for art making), cabinet cards, tin types, fabric, art supplies, giraffes, Russian nesting dolls, old shoe forms, tiny vintage chairs, old gnarly dolls, wood cigar boxes, rubber duckies, seed leis, vintage rhinestone jewelry, pressed pennies, old lace, wood spools, vintage evening purses, natural history prints, vintage bingo cards, ocarinas, old silver salt & pepper shakers, old wedding cake toppers, vintage Christmas ornaments, nativities, paper Christmas cottages, glass floats, and....?