Wednesday, February 08, 2012


Part of the Steampunk jewellery collection for sale at Dickens Day
"Ha'penny" Pendant and Ring/Gem Chain ($25 ~ Available)
I've been helping create some Steampunk jewellery for a Graffiti Mix fundraiser. Graffiti Mix is a nonprofit arts collective that my son and a friend of his are launching. They hope to present a full length play in the coming year, and for now much of the preliminary work is being undertaken. 
"Coggler's Triangle" Pendant and Chain  ($22 ~ Available)
It goes without saying that fundraising is always a challenge. Since the play has a Steampunk-ish aesthetic, we thought selling Steampunk jewellery would be a fun endeavour. 
"Heart of Time" (Sold)
"Time Traveller" Pendant and Golden Chain  ($24 ~ SOLD)
Yesterday, we started selling some of the pieces we created at the Concordia University during their Dickens Day celebration (Charles Dickens 200th Birthday).  We hoped to sell at least 5 of our pieces. We far exceeded our goal for the day ~ perhaps this was because of the Dickens Day special prices we were selling for. At any rate, we were very pleased by all the positive feedback we received from many people who stopped by our table to have a peek.
"Lady Liberty" Brooch ($10 ~ Available)
In making these one-of-a-kind pieces, we aren't rushing over to Michael's to buy supplies. All our pieces are created using recycled jewellery parts which each artisan sees in a new way...
"Heart's Door" SOLD
"Regina" Pendant and Ball Chain ($22 ~ Available)
So we're still looking old broken jewellery to create more fun Steampunk jewellery and
I'll post more photos for you to look at later. 
"Bobbin Works" Pendant with Ball Chain ($22 ~ Available)

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