Sunday, February 26, 2012

Does Snowstorm = Creativity?

Yesterday it snowed really, for the first time this winter. We've only had a few snow falls with a skiff of snow here and there. But finally, in February, we were finally hit with some real substantial snow.

What did this mean to me? Suddenly, I felt like creating again. It was as if there is a correlation between cold, wintry weather and my creative drive. Weird, I know. But I did complete two projects yesterday that have been hanging around for ages, including a Gnome painting. Could this mean that I may start back working on my chairs again? That would be awesome!

I'm not one of those people who can just pump stuff out for the sake of pumping it out and all too often, "life" gets in the way of art. While this lousy weather seems to play a part in my sudden desire to create again, but maybe also, hearing about my friend Laura (Canadian Chickie and of all about Pretty! fame)  opening up her brick and mortar artsy store, la TaDa! vintage boutique & creative studio has inspired me as well.

Here's to snowstorms and the creativity bug!

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