Tuesday, April 26, 2005

We have a name ... I think

Last night's get-together of Edmonton-area mixed media artists was great. First we spilled out our goodies (everything from buttons to handmade paper to rusted stars) that we wanted to exchange. It was just like Christmas and we were like a bunch of little kids!! Then we drooled over each other's art and exchanged ATCs ~ so much talent. A few of us brought rubber stamps to let other people stamp some images to use in their work ~ only problem is is that no one brought a stamp pad except for a tiny-teeny little black one. Doh! Finally we sat around and discussed a name for our little group of artists ... and I think we decided on Pointy Hat Art Posse. I don't know ~ does this mean we're bringing Art Justice to an Uncreative World?? We hope to meet the last Monday of every month, and next month, we're all supposed to create dunce cap-like pointy hats for the occasion. This is all wayyyyy too much fun!!

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Charlotte Kemsley said...

Like I said, this group should re-locate to East Lothian, Scotland so I can play too!!! LOL, Lolly Kems x