Tuesday, April 19, 2005

We shopped, ate and played

Grrr! I typed this whole blog out and then didn't save, so this is me writing my blog today for the SECOND time ...

Yesterday I went to my art buddy, Arlene Travnik's house. From her place, we drove to the local Antique Mall to see if we could find some ephemera for our art. Arlene found a collection of old 78s in book format which she is planning use as an Round Robin Altered Book (AB). I can't wait to create something in it!

Arlene and I have similar tastes in home decorating, so we were checking out all the retro/collectible/antiquish things there. We loved the paint-by-number paintins (yes, we realize they're tacky), parking meters, a jukebox radio and little-old-lady-hats!

After the mall, we headed over to the Leduc Library. Arlene is currently teaching an AB teen class. She decorated two display cubes with all sorts of Altered Art to spark interest in the class. The art is by Arlene, Cindy, Corinne and myself. The cubes looked great and I'm sure stirred a lot of curiosity!

After returning to the house again, we grabbed a bite to eat and then headed down to her studio to play. She was gracious enough to give me about a 10 inch square of space to work on ~ way more than my usual 4x4 inch space I use to create my ATCs! I will post one of the ATCs I created while at her place. It was a fun day, but of course, we didn't have nearly enough time!

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