Thursday, February 16, 2006

Making art like it's goin' outta style!

Wow! I've been creating like crazy lately. The Paris calendar got me going. It was so much fun to work in Marci's calendar and to stretch a little by taking on a theme that normally I wouldn't. Doesn't it seem to take a long time after Christms to get back into the "art-groove" again? I think I'm finally there. Wheee!

So what have I been doing?After looking through the latest Sommerset mag, I made a altered tin can which I used for my husband's Valentine's sweets. For his card, I created a small altered book (2.5"x2.5"). I'll post some photos here for you to check out. I am so thankful for the gift of art! It's so great to be able to express myself through mixed media. Oh ya, and this week, I got a belated birthday gift in the mail from one of my nieces. It was a gift certificate to Michael's. Mmm ~ it's gonna be fun finding goodies to buy with that. Thank you Thina!

Today was like the coldest day of the year. With the windchill it was like -39 Celcius. That's MINUS 39! Couldn't start the car until the afternoon, the kids were home from school, I needed milk because I can't drink coffee without milk. Whoa is me! I want spring and I want it now!! Where's this global warming stuff, eh? I eventually did get out to buy some milk, by the way, but coffee does taste yummy with Lite Cool Whip.

Well, here are a few photos of stuff I've been working on.

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