Friday, February 16, 2007

What does one do on their 47th birthday?

My friend Shelly turned 47 yesterday. Earlier in the day she'd found out that her van had "died" and needed a $1,200 engine job done. Lousy start to a birthday, wouldn'tcha say?
I decided that I would try to help her have a happy birthday anyway, so off we set to celebrate her big 4-7. First we went to Rosie's Grill to share a Nacho Grande platter. Then, it was off to see The Queen. Not that we flew off to London or anything ~ we took in the movie, which we enjoyed. Then I decide to treat Shelly to dessert at Montana's Cookhouse. Once she realized we were going to Montana's, she made me promise NOT to let them know that it was her birthday. Silly girl didn't wish to be the centre of attention. After Montana's we headed to Chuck E. Cheese's just before 10 p.m. We had the place to ourselves. At that time of the night, for some reason, there weren't any kids in the establishment. We played a few games, had our photo taken together (Me on left, Shelly on right) to remember the evening by and then I drove her home. Happy Birthday Shelly ~ hope the year ahead is your best yet!

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Sandi said...

This was an uplifting post. It made me weep. I never knew friends would give up a whole day to make another friend happy. I long for friends like this, but I think most of mine are way to busy. Congratulations!