Monday, February 11, 2008

Everyone should have a Birthday Week

My friend Shelly is having her birthday on February 15th, so I decided to paint a portrait of her and give it to her before I leave for B.C.

Shelly with the portrait at the shopping centre where she opened it.

Close up detail of the bottom of the painting, entitled "Mended Heart".

When I get back, we will continue to celebrate her "birthday week" ~ everyone should have a birthday week, don'tcha think? Oh, by the way, I'll be adding glasses to the painting as soon as she gets her new pair :)


Laume said...

I agree 100% I just celebrated by 51st and I definitely made a week out of it. Your friend is very lucky to receive such a lovely gift.

The Joyful Artist said...

This is adorable Dawn. It's nice to see you painting!

Cin(the three legged wonder)