Sunday, February 17, 2008

While I was away ...

The goodies came in the mail like this ... Arlene and I opened our treasures together, thus Zoot's chair in the photo.

Here are all the gifts laid out after opening them. Everything is so pretty!!

Here is the treasure map heart which explained all the gifts included in the box.

I was away in Langley, BC at my sister's wedding this past weekend, and as a result, it's taken me this long to post photos of the cool stuff that Debra sent me for the 2008 Getting to Know You Valentine Swap.

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Antique Paperie said...

Oh I love the theme from Peanuts - I can see Linus and the Gang dancing (you know, that funny, head side to side while they jump up and down dance??) And LOVE the goodies, Oh my gosh, it looks like a ton of really cool stuff!!
How are ya sweets? Doing well? Talk to you soon dear - xoxo Sherri
I've got to get blogging this week too...I am running behind :)