Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fine Art in the Library, 2nd week

Today we looked at some of Henri Matisse's early paintings and followed the progression of style over his art career.

Then the kids made their own cut outs.

Everyone seemed to enjoy "painting with scissors".

It was impressive how all the young artists worked with the contrasting colours as well as with positive and negative space.

Some of them even remembered to do their homework from last week by completing a self portrait, and bringing it back to share with everyone.

In our next class, we will discover the art of Marc Chagall.


Kim Mailhot said...

A very cool class, Dawn. Looks like the kids really got into the painting with scissors. So amazing what they come up with when given a little direction and then free reins !
Happy Thursday !

sherry lee said...

In some ways I envy these children...that they are having this wonderful opportunity and that they are willing to just "try", to do, to create...without worrying about how it will look, what it will be -- just following the direction, the inspiration. Great reminder that we can still be "that child".

Anne said...

Looks like a blast! :-)

Karyn said...

I'm impressed with the kids' work! You are a good teacher.