Sunday, March 08, 2009

Winter art

Today is the kind of day that American artist, Robert Duncan captured in his painting entitled Curious Onlookers (left). The snow has been falling for several days, and wind has been howling. Quite frankly, everyone around these parts is simply weary of winter! I have two prints of Duncan's that I hang during the winter months:
Curious Onlookers
and Winter Friends.

Usually around the first week of December, I bring these lovelies out of my basement for display in our living room.

Originally, I was attracted to Winter Friends because it reminded me of when David and Zachary were little. The boys in the painting look to be about the same age difference as our sons.

As much as I enjoy Duncan's winter paintings, I look forward to when the snow melts, the sap begins to flow and the ground begins to thaw. Then, I will put my winter art away for another season.

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Karyn said...

I love these paintings!

I also love your new is more 'you', I think.