Saturday, March 07, 2009

Of blog interviews and winter grub

The other day, my son said to me: "You should start a blog for just interviews, otherwise people will think that your Humungous Art blog is just an interview blog."

I explained to him that I was doing these interviews leading up to my 4th Blogoversary, to learn more about the blogs (and their creators) that I've included in my Beautiful Blogs section, and to share them with the readers of Art of Humungous Proportions.

So, in case you think that the only thing I do on this blog is talk about other people's art, it isn't the case. Read on.

Today is a blustery day. The snow just won't stop falling.
It's the kind of day that one simply wants to hunker down, listen to Vinyl Cafe, drink herbal tea and try to do something creative.

Seems during the winter months here in northern Alberta, when it's cold outside, all we do is eat (the rest of the year we spend trying to rid ourselves of the weight we've accumulated over the winter).

So, speaking of food ... what I'm thinking is, is that I'll show you an idea for a mid-winter lunch.

First fry up some perogies. I like to pan fry frozen perogies and then just before serving time, I slice up some onions and fry them in butter.

Next make a salad.
Lately I've been using Balsamic Vinegar and Extra Virgin Olive Oil as my preferred salad dressing.

Oh! and don't forget dessert.

The Black Forest cake above is one of my mother-in-law's beautiful creations.


Maija said...

1. Snow for sale? I'm not biting! It's in the 70's here in Phoenix!

2. I'll be right over for some of those pierogies and

3. I am loving your interviews!

arlene said...

Mmmmm. Black Forest Cake! Perogies! You speak MY kinda' Canadian!

sherry lee said...

Snow...I'm soooo ready for spring. It rained here all day -- heavy and hard for most of the time...but I'll take that over snow!!

That cake looks for a cup of tea and a virtual slice!! :)

Kim Mailhot said...

Hi Dawn !
What a cozy winter's lunch !
Those two Duncan paintings are very beautiful - they are probably even more beautiful in December than in March !

I was in Montreal for the weekend. Here in NH and up there it was so beautiful, warm and spring-like. On our drive home we noticed how many places had no snow left at all !
This morning, it is -2 and we just got a dump of 6 inches in a typical New England Nor-easter ! Boo hoo ! That spring like weather was just a tease ! We are not there yet !!!

Looking forward to snow free days...
ox ox

Linda Crispell said...

I feel very weak in my attempt at dieting.