Monday, April 12, 2010

Re-purposing, Disasters AND a Giveaway

As many of you know, I'm always re-purposing and recycling materials of all sorts in my mixed media art. All the fine art chairs I've painted so far, are 2nd hand or gently used, if you prefer that term. I've been painting over the past month on my latest chair. It's a commission with a New York City theme ~ more about that adventure later. Because I've been working almost exclusively on this chair, I needed a little break. I felt I needed to do something completely different.

This is what I made. They are hand drawn bookmarks with pretty fibres ~ I call them Tree Hugger Bookmarks. They are all made out of pre-used cardboard. I am leaving them here and there in my travels for some unsuspecting person who comes along and happens to discover them. I hope whoever happens to discover them will enjoy using them.

About my New York chair. I have a funny story for you about something happened earlier today as I was painting. I had a major paint explosion! There I was, peacefully painting my chair, when I unexpectedly lost my balance. It has been said by some that I'm unbalanced, but this was ridiculous! Off balance, I knocked my water and paint brushes over, then my foot came down on some red paint and the tube exploded all over ~ all over the kitchen floor, table, drop cloth, my arm, shirt, apron and foot. This could explain why some artists actually have studios to paint in!
In honour of the "amazing" paint day I've had, I am going to have a giveaway. I will send the winner one of my Tree Hugger Bookmarks. Just leave me a comment. I'll make a draw from all the names of everyone who leaves a comment. Tell me about one of your art disasters, and I'll put your name in the hat two times! Let's give it until Sunday to make the draw. I wish you better luck than I have had today. Isn't that photo of my foot scary?


arlene said...

Also as Ada says..."Me! MINE!!!"

arlene said...

It looks like there was a slaughter! Thank goodness both you and the chair lived to tell the tale.
Disaster....? Hmmm. I think the time I locked myself out of the house and in the Art Barn for 8 hours or so was the most epic. Fun and not r-e-a-l-l-y disastrous, but phone, no food, but TONS of art supplies and an un-interupted time to create.

Dawn said...

Oh yes, I remember the Art Barn incident ~ that was epic. Love it ~ great disaster story, Arlene!

Dorothy said...

I can't think of any big art disasters...I guess I haven't created enough to have anything spectacular happen, but since the last giveaway I entered gave me a lovely piece of art, I thought I'd enter this one too!

Brittic said...

Yikes, that foot looks in serious shape!
You're bookmarks are beautiful Dawn, how wonderful it is that you're sharing them with the unsuspecting individuals who get to take them home!
Oh, and I have no art disaster stories (: Except when I was in elementary school I used to love art time cause I'd put charcoal on my face and pretend to be a werewolf.

Kim Mailhot said...

Yes your foot does look scary ! Funny that it just happened to be the red tube !
My disaster includes a vial of india ink, and open two page spread in my almost completed spiral bound art journal(about a years worth of pages) and me flipping the vial over onto the pages right beside the spiral spine so that the permanent, dark black ink could oooze through and leave its mark on about 15 pages or so.Argh... and exercise in just letting go...
I think I am too late to win you wonderful bookmarks (my trees will be so disappointed. I was away for the weekend. But I guess I just felt the need to vent my own disaster too.
Here to a fun messy life, Lovely Dawn !