Saturday, April 03, 2010

Elephants and Roses

Besides looking for wonderful treasures, when I wander through a 2nd Hand Shop, one of my favourite things to do is to find the gaudiest, silliest, awful-est item possible and take a quick snapshot of it. Unfortunately the other day when we went to the antique mall, I didn't take my camera with me. So I can only describe the nastiest item I found that day. It was a brass elephant. Not only was it a brass elephant which is bad enough in itself (I've never been a big fan of elephant ornamental items) but it was also a rotary telephone. Had to be one of the tackiest things ever ~ and I didn't have a camera to capture the horror! Sad, sad me.

Learning my lesson, on my next outing to a local 2nd Hand Store, I took my trusty digital with me. And there it was in all its beauty! One can only imagine the creative individual who thought that this was a good idea.

Feast your eyes on the amazing Rosie ~ the latest in the Barbie line.
Uh, I didn't purchase her, in case you're wondering.


Deb said...

Hee Hee! Who thinks up this awful stuff? I'm with you on the elephants.

arlene said...

Wow....actually she makes me smile. The tech who blasted my brother with his full body radiation yesterday, not once but twice, was named Rosie, and she was incredible! Her attitude was 'rosie" and her personality was all sunshine and roses. I wouldn't want her job for all the money in the world, but she made my brother feel calm and even had him laughing on what must have been the most stressful day of his life.
So Rosie is all A-OK by me!!
As for the elephant...not so much. ;)