Sunday, December 19, 2010

Last minute holiday details

With less than a week to go until the big day, all the Christmas cards have been mailed, most of the gifts have been wrapped and I think I'm pretty much ready to just sit back now and enjoy the season once I tie up a few more last minute details (and ribbons and bows).

I'm drinking lots of lemon tea with honey to stave off a pesky cold that really, really wants to invade my body.

I completed making this wreath late last night. The form itself was 18 inches across, but the bulb clustered around it makes it almost 2 feet. It's big and it's beautiful, and I think the person who commissioned it will like it.

Today is "my day" in the Christmas Exchange with the Canadian Chickies. I hope everyone will like what I created for them.

It's snowing ... again. A very good day to stay inside. Maybe even a good day to take a long winter's nap, and rest up for all the activities ahead in the next week.

So friends, stay warm, take your Vitamin C and just enjoy some of the sights and sounds the surround the Christmas season.


Maija said...

The wreath is gorgeous Dawn! Merry Christmas!

trisha too said...

Oh, Dawn, that wreath is fantastic!!!