Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Our first blizzard

Today we've been hit with the first real blizzard of the season. It will be a White Christmas for sure!

What a perfect day to stay inside, enjoy a homemade Egg Nog Tea Latte. You've heard of the London Fog Latte, perhaps I could call my concoction Edmonton Blizzard, eh?

Light Snow


Light Snow
Don't you love it how Environment calls this "light snow" ~ well maybe it's light, but there's a whole lot of the stuff.

Edmonton Blizzard Latte

Pour boiled water over an Eggnog tea bag in glass mug and let steep for 2-3 minutes. While tea is steeping, heat cream in a saucepan, making sure not to scorch it. Froth is not needed for this recipe, but if you have a frother use it ~ it makes it so much more fancy. Add vanilla sugar (1/2 - 1 tsp), if desired and stir. Then pour steamed cream on top. Sit back and enjoy with a book and listen to some classical music!


arlene said...

Yum!!! That sounds too good. Perfect for today!

Jaime said...

We're a little farther south in Casper, WY, but we had a bucket of snow fall today too! Your warm cozy treat is perfect for us today here as well. :)

Arianna Belle {Organized Interiors} said...

I'm jealous! I wish we had snow over here in So.California! Ahhhh...someday I'll spend the holidays in a winter wonderland....

thank you for the recipe! sounds delicious! :)


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