Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Be my Valentine

I'm in a 14 day swap with the artists I participated with in the 12 Days of Christmas. This time around, we made 15 Valentine gifties for each other. We need to mail the gifts out to each participant directly. I love getting Snail Mail ~ it's such an event in this fast paced computer age.

Here's a photo of my WRAPPED gifts ~ What? You thought I'd show you what I made before February 8th, when my gift will be opened by the group? Silly you!
My art buddy, Arlene and I plan to mail out our things together. (Her gift will be opened on February 5th) This is soooo much fun ~ I can't wait to see what these wonderfully talented friends will create for this swap. Other swaps I'm in right now include a 4 for 4 Valentine ATC swap ~ which I really have to get moving on! Plus, I'm also working on a collaborative publishing effort with the artists of the Charm swap. More about that exciting subject yet to come ....

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